The Art of Tai Chi Flow

Join Institute of Integral Qigong & Tai Chi (IIQTC) Senior Trainer, David Lehman, as you learn to develop and experience your own Tai Chi flow path. 
David (pictured right) has spent a lifetime (so you do not have to) passionately exploring Tai Chi as both a martial art and a profound moving meditation and healing practice. This on-line virtual workshop will be conducted over three weeks to allow your own powerful experiences of flow to emerge. The heart of the program is understanding how to practice and stay in Tai Chi flow. Upon completion of the workshop you will have learned to:
    • Experience flow while practicing Tai Chi
    • Understand how to cultivate the flow experience through Tai Chi for a lifetime
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Take 5 Program Teacher Training

TAKE 5 is a University of Nebraska-Lincoln research based program designed for educators, wellness professionals, parents, grandparents, community leaders, and anyone interested in guiding youth to better social-emotional wellness. Join Take 5 Developer, Sheila Palmquist E-RYT500, RCYT, RPYT, YACEP® (shown below), for this live, online course. 

Certified TAKE 5 Teachers guide youth to:

• Learn techniques to self-regulate behavior and emotions
• Develop peace and stillness in the midst of chaos
• Quiet the mind to become more receptive to learning
• Build self-awareness and self-responsibility
• Improve confidence and self-esteem
• Reduce anxiety, depression and anger  

Through the use of breathing practices, concentration techniques, drawing/journaling, and exercise/movement, we bring greater awareness to body, mind, and internal conflict. Young children become more able to navigate the demands of our ever-changing environment.

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The Qigong Of The Animals

Join Instructor, Jill Robinson, to learn this practice inspired by our animal friends!

The Qigong of the Animals (QOTA) draws on qigong animal forms, combining these movements with breathing, posture awareness, and visualization to shift the nervous system from the fight, flight, or freeze response to the relaxation and rejuvenation response. The program draws on current research and writing in the fields of neuropsychology as well as somatic therapy.

This two-hour program guides attendees through practices which seek to improve tension, mobility, flexibility, agility, balance, and joyfulness. 

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Empowered Relief

Join Instructor, Josie Weaver, for a powerful 2-hour interactive presentation focused on relief from chronic pain. The Empowered Relief pain skills course developed by Stanford University pain scientist, Dr. Beth Darnall, features powerful combination of breath practice and neuroscience to help you or someone you love in a pain situation.

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Tai Chi Easy

Join the thousands of trained Practice Leaders nationwide who are seeing dramatic results in their own lives, and in their communities, thanks to the powerful health benefits of Tai Chi Easy.

The 4 components of Tai Chi Easy™

This simple form of mind-body self-care requires no equipment or special clothing and focuses on:

  1. Mindful Movements – gentle exercises that move, relax and stretch the body and increase balance and coordination.
  2. Breathing practices – triggers the de-stressing effects of the Relaxation Response™, increases circulation and energy, and enhances the body’s natural healing process.
  3. Self-applied massage – stimulates energy and circulation flow throughout the whole body.
  4. Meditation – relaxes the body, centers the mind, and calms the emotions.

Best of all, ANYONE can learn these methods and quickly begin leading practice sessions with others to spread the benefits in a community.

Please click HERE to be redirected to the Tai Chi Easy™ information page. Online and In-Person training options available!

HWF Accepting Educational Program Proposals

Have you authored or do you lead an educational self-care and/or wellness course? Offer a unique presentation or class related to Tai Chi, Qigong or other body-mind-spirit practices? Maybe you are in development of such a curriculum and are seeking a partner to help get your course in front of potential students? If so, the HWF Programs Team is currently calling for Educational Program Proposals and would like to hear from you!

Proposals will initially be accepted on a continuous basis. Proposals submitted by the 15th of each month, will be reviewed by the end of that month.

The Healer Within Foundation MissionHealer Within Foundation advances Qigong/Tai Chi and other self-healing, body/ mind/spirit practices, through collaboration with individuals, and organizations to sponsor trainings, community practice groups and research.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, HWF strives to produce accessible, engaging and effective educational content which may assist individuals in achieving improved health and well-being.

HWF Educational Program Goals:

  • Dissemination of effective Self-Care and Wellness Programs/Presentations
  • Alignment with HWF Mission
  • Identified Audience/Need (e.g. children's health, general health & wellness, chronic pain, substance abuse, etc.)
  • Competitively-priced offerings of high quality with feasible implementation cost
Access the Program Proposal Form at:

The HWF Programs Team welcomes your application submission and look forward to reviewing your program offering!