Sending Our Love (cont.)

...we watched and waited and wondered if our beloved Santa Barbara would make it through.

Much like a literal manifestation in the last few weeks of the Year of the Phoenix, the area is rising from the ash. There is so much good being done. There are changes, both large and small.

Every aspect of this rebuilding is steeped in the challenge of change, bringing those touched by these tragedies various levels of sadness, anger, tension and stress. Change, even for those not directly affected by a tragedy, can be the cause of great anxiety. The Tao Te Ching  talks of change as the one constant of the universe. We know this is so, yet we fear  the reworking, the differences and the new "normal".

The practice of Qigong teaches us to remember the energetic nature of ourselves and of the universe. When we do this, we feel both the old and the new, the past, present and future. We have an energetic effect on the world around us, and this closeness can be incredibly grounding in times of great upheaval. The deep breathing practiced in Qigong coupled with the synchronized, specific and slowed movements provides us with tools that can help us heal. We all have the ability to guide our Qi toward a specific need, whether helping us heal or allowing us to accept change more easily. So, keep up the practice, no matter what changes you may face.

We send our Qi blessings and much love to all those in the Santa Barbara area. Know that you will continue to be in our minds and on our hearts throughout your healing. We'll continue to send support in all forms and we applaud you for your strength as, like the Phoenix, you rise new, bright and shining.