I settled in Mission Beach, California in the spring of 2013. A San Diego Fire Department friend urged me to try juice fasting. I lost 42 pounds of fat in 30 days and gained a heightened awareness of self.  I felt physical discomfort from the basic American diet, so it was easy to leave the junk alone and eat what I had been juicing. I was acidic in New York and cancer thrives in acidic bodies. Everything I was doing in San Diego was working to make me more alkaline.  My advice to people pro-actively fighting cancer is to drink more water and not consume anything with a TV commercial.

I was seeking an effective meditation class when I found ex New Yorker, Irene Radley at Breakthrough Healing Arts. Her Qigong and breath work classes gave immediate and long-term benefits.  When Qi Revolution came to town, she convinced me to attend, which led to my instructor training.  I didn’t need or want a job teaching Qigong, I wanted to know the form so that I could do it for myself, by myself. I did the form almost daily and altered my diet and lifestyle so much that after 6 months I had lost over 80 pounds without running a mile.  I was free from the prescription meds and painkillers they said I would need for the rest of my life.   My lung functions, like most exposed at the site were in steady decline, have significantly improved since learning breath practices and I have the test results to prove it. To top it all off, I fell in love and got married to the woman of my dreams.

I have been sharing my story with anyone who will listen, it has been well received, but the first responders and Military family are my target audience.  I know how much they need this stuff, and how reluctant they are to trust the unknown. I was fortunate to meet and learn from Dr. Roger Jahnke at an event last year and am excited about the Healer Within Foundation’s work with Veterans.

My wife Melanie and I got married, became IIQTC Level 1 and Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leaders and moved to Cape Canaveral, Florida in the last 6 months. I’m busy living, and grateful for the opportunity to share the way." - Jonathan Henderson